Finished product services

Formula design

We work closely with each customer to develop new, innovative formulations base on cutting-age technology and superior functionality and efficacy, considering the needs and market trends of our customer’s market strategies. We support you by:

  • Custom formulation development 
  • Color matching in accordance with new trends worldwide 
  • Comprehensive fragrance library 
  • Natural and organic formulation design in accordance with USDA and Ecocert standards 
  • Claim support 
  • Safety of components 
  • Aesthetics of formulated product 
  • Stability of formulated product 
  • Cost effectiveness of components
  • Container/closure effectiveness 
  • Scale up and commercial scale manufacturing

All our clients go through a step-by-step process to ensure they receive the fastest and highest quality services possible within their specifications and requirements.

We have highly experienced experts on the following formulations:


Our formulators will design any sunscreen formulation in accordance with FDA, E.U, Australian, South Africa, Japan and etc. standards of our goal market.

Natural & Organic products

Considering the market growth and publicity of the organic products, we will formulate innovative organic formula as you desire and will support you for claims and registrations.

Body care

Hair care

Baby care


OTC drugs

Color cosmetics

Fine fragrance


Ingredient services

Our knowledgeable and staff can provide you with current, value-added, high performance ingredients. 

  • supplier recommendation & evaluation 
  • analytical & microbiological control of raw materials
  • control the product compatibility with new ingredients
  • Natural and organic ingredient library


  • Working with leading suppliers of organic and natural ingredients, we have screened extent number of waxes, emollients, essential oils, botanicals and other ingredients to control their quality and select the most suitable.
  •  In-vivo, in-vitro test on raw materials

  • Raw materials risk assessment


  • Having a comprehensive data base on toxicological data of cosmetic raw materials and an extended networks with toxicologist, pharmacist, dermatologist around the world, we can aid you in the safety assessment of finished product and risk assessment of
  • raw materials
  • REACH registration

Testing services

Whether you need a pre-market evaluation of your product, Chris&Karl can offer you a wide variety of dermatological and clinical tests, in-house or by our globally validated partners. Protocols may be customized and design to fit the exact and specific needs of our customer and each product. All tests will be conduct in reliable laboratories and in accordance with GLP guidelines.

Analytical tests

  • extensive experience in a broad range of analytical services
  • custom protocol development for specific test requirements
  • Fully equipped analytical laboratory
  • Having access to unique instrumentation of local, national and international universities and affiliate facilities

Test include but not limited to:

GC, LC, HPLC, SPME, GC-ms GC-FID, RI, UV-Vis, FTIR, X-ray, SEM, TEM, Particle size analyzer, Sun test, TGA ( thermogravimetirc analysis ), DSC ( differential Scanning  Calorimetry ), weathering chambers, Brookfield viscometers, stability monitoring and etc.

Microbiological test

Tests include but not limited to

  • Preservative Challenge Testing (USP, CTFA. AOAC)
  • Microbial Limits Testing (USP)
  • Time-Kill Testing / Rapid Germicidal Activity (ASTM)
  • Standard Plate Counts
  • Vitek Identifications
  • Zone of Inhibition  AOAC Hard Surface Disinfectant Testing
  • Topical Antimicrobials and Degerming Efficacy
  • General and Health Care Personnel Hand Wash (Glove Juice)
  • CADE
  • Cup Scrub
  • Surgical Scrub
  • Agar Patching
  • Alcohol Hand Rub Test
  • Pre-operative Skin Preparation

Clinical test

Human repeated insult patch test ( Shelanski method, Marzulli and Maibach method )

Patch test ( epicutaneous test )

Cumulative irritation test


Photo allergy & photo toxicity testing

Sunscreen SPF efficacy evaluations

Sunscreen UVA efficacy evaluation

In-use Opthalmic safety evaluation

Moisturization, skin hydration, transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and skin barrier evaluations

Skin elasticity, extensibility, and firmness evaluations

Skin luminosity, skin color/skin tone, and evenness of color evaluations

Skin Topography / Profilometry / Image Analysis

Anti-aging claims support

Video Microscopy of the skin and skin structures

Clinical Photography (35mm and Digital)

Cell Turnover / Cell Renewal claims support

Exfoliation / Dry Skin evaluations

3-D documentation of skin roughness

Ultra sound examination Whenever it is necessary tests can be performed under dermatological control and/or factors such as age, gender, ethnic background, various skin types and problem skin can be taken into account.

Process Services

Process development

Process optimization

Packaging development/engineering

Identification of critical quality parameters

Scale up

Manufacturing risk mitigation

Technology transfer

Machinery consultation

Regulatory affairs

Our regulatory group is highly experienced in providing assistance according to regulatory issues for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. We interact with FDA, E.U, ASEAN, Japan, Canada and other countries health ministry, association and organizations on behalf of our customers and stay current on regulatory requirements and industry trends.

  •  Litigation support
  •  Claims substantiation
  •  Interfacing with regulatory agencies
  •  Safety assessment :

As mentioned in cosmetic regulation, SCCS guidelines and KVO ( Kosmetik-verodnung ), the general toxicological profile of the ingredients, their chemical structures and the level of exposure need to be taken into account when drawing up the safety assessment. Based on our expert regulatory group and good connection with independent experienced safety assessor worldwide, C&K will support you with the safety assessment of your products based on new regulations according to cosmetic in E.U.

  •  Registration and notification of products worldwide
  •  REACH registration